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We are at this time a direct patient care clinic. This means instead of taking insurance, which adds on layers of cost, expenses, and delays which all negatively impacts you, Nurse Debi's Health & Wellness set costs low and asks for payment at time of service. We accept cash and credit or debit cards. We will provide you with a superbill, upon request. You can present this form to your insurance for reimbursement, subject to your insurance's policy.  Those with high-deductible insurances and no insurance find this type of service especially helpful.

We are currently updating our pricing. Please check back soon.


Will you ever accept insurance?

Anything is possible. We aren't overtly opposed to insurance, we're opposed to the increase in costs insurance creates in the health setting. Always let Nurse Debi and her team know what's important to you, including insurance. We strive to work with our patients in all things.


Are these prices combined?

No. The cost of basic vital signs collection and exam is the cost of infant and basic visits. Beyond that, additional services may be needed to properly diagnose and treat. The staff will discuss this with you BEFORE additional services are rendered. Just understand, Nurse Debi's never seeks to price gouge, but sometimes additional tests are necessary for your best health outcome. 


Do you offer any other services?

Nurse Debi's Health & Wellness, LLC is a new business. We are consistently adding new services each month. If there is something you wish to receive in our practice that we aren't currently providing, always let us know.