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COVID explosion and a challenge

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a significant increase in COVID. Thankfully, early treatment with supplements, hydroxychloroquine, Pulmicort breathing treatments, oral steroids, and/or ivermectin seems to keep our patients from needing the hospital -- YAY!!!!

One area of concern is children. Dr. Childs stated in a Board of Education meeting that children with obesity seem to be the ones who get COVID and have severe complications. Unfortunately, East TN has an obesity epidemic.

The CDC states that obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization with COVID. Those under 65 who have obesity are at pronounced risk for poor outcomes with COVID. Adipose tissue (fat cells) is full of ACE II receptors. The more obesity we have, the more places for the COVID virus to plug in and multiply.

We also know that obesity is an inflammatory state. When we have obesity, we have increased IL-6, which is associated with poor outcomes in COVID. Those of us who have obesity are more likely to have fatty liver disease. Poor liver function is associated with poor outcomes in COVID.

So I have a challenge for all of us in East TN. For those of us who need to lose weight, I challenge us to lose 10 lbs. You may think that 10lbs is nothing compared with what you need to lose to be at your perfect weight. Forget perfect or ideal. Sometimes that goal is just too overwhelming if you have more than a few pounds to lose. Just 10lbs of weight loss can lower your inflammation, help your liver function better, and improve your overall health.

Please share with me your progress! I am currently down 11lbs from 5 weeks ago. Even though I had COVID and it was very mild, I still should focus on being more healthy. If you need help with weight loss, please call one of our clinics and schedule a visit to discuss with Nurse Jesi, Nurse Kelli, or myself. We have lipotropic injections and can offer a number of weight loss medications.

If you would like the list of supplements I took during COVID, please email me at and I will send you a link to order them.

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